Here are just a few stories of transformation
that I want to share with you.

You could be the next Inspiring Story 🙂

Natasha Blanco

My biggest problem was that my digestive system was not able to tolerate any kind of food and my body was desperately asking for a change in my current lifestyle and habits. The best result after working with Stef was the knowledge and tools obtained in order to better my digestive system and my day to day habits.
During the program I learnt that I need to put an effort to find an equilibrium between my body and my mind so that everything else gets better. In addition, Stef’s unconditional support helped me give the first step in this process of positive change. What made this program different is that it helped me realized that I was “nourishing” my body in the wrong way and I also learnt that a lot of the things that I did not like, were not in line with my body.
If you are on the verge of working with Stef I would tell you to erase all prejudices and excuses that are preventing you to change – “Let yourself be guided and trust that you are in the best hands, you will notice the change and feel complete”
sue (1)

Sue Mall

Before I worked with Stef, I was having issues with acid reflux and chronic bronchitis and the best results I received from working with her was the knowledge she gave in her weekly videos. She was very enlightening as well as encouraging.
Having a personal and caring coach like Stef made all the difference in the world for me 😉

Amanda Rezende

I’ve been following for 5 weeks the protocol of my dear friend @stef_littlebylittle and I can say that these weeks have been preparing me to do everything with intention in this New Moon.
In this time I have learned to be aware of what I put in my mouth. I have understood how each food I eat works and what effect it has on me, but also I have learned to know how to choose the best for my body. I have agreed that eating healthier is a way of telling your body how much you love it. And that makes me extremely happy with myself because it’s “the icing that my cake” lacked.
Now that I am connected to my body in this wonderful way, I feel much more empowered and able to take on new challenges to continue elevating my service and purpose of life! So this New Moon finds me showing the best version of me and wanting to continue giving 100%.
The statement below seemed wonderful to me because it is the way I have found my healing: the food. What a wonderful quote “Let food be your medicine!” When this is felt and understood from the connection with yourself and your relationship with food, everything makes perfect sense.
Thanks Stef!
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Kerri Paufler

Before Stef and I began working together I was experiencing chronic constipation and indigestion. My symptoms included chest pain/stomach pain, burning and pain in the throat. I would lose weight every other month or so and no matter what I did, no conventional medicine seemed to bring relief long enough to feel better. When I did choose conventional medicine, symptoms always seemed to return ten times worse and would just bring on a whole other slew of problems. It would often affect my teaching and singing voice and it became extremely difficult to get through day by day.
After countless doctor appointments, testing and what seemed like endless cycles of pain and disappointments, I finally surrendered to Jesus my sickness giving it totally to him. I believed with all my heart he was willing and able to heal me and he did. I knew the next step to honor this healing was to honor my body with the food I was eating. Stef was the answer to my prayers. Her step by step guidance and protocol knowledge was exactly what I needed at this moment in my life!
The best result that I received from the experience was learning to listen to my body and what worked for me and what didn’t. This program gave me direction when it came to what and how to eat throughout the day. I wouldn’t necessarily eat bad, but I didn’t eat great either. What made this experience different was the combinations of what I was eating at each meal. It brought all the change that I needed.
I would tell anyone to go for it and try this program! In fact, I even got my mom on it and encouraged some of my own friends as well! There really is nothing you can lose only better eating habits and gained knowledge you didn’t have before. Stef truly will be your #1 fan and walk beside you supporting you every step of the way. I truly believe the program will bring great results but you must believe in yourself that you can do it and take the time to really work at the protocols! I am amazed at how fast my body responded to this new lifestyle!!! I am forever changed and grateful beyond words for this program!!!

Mariel Espejo

My main goal and mindset were really to discover what was like to eat proper foods and become knowledgeable on the combinations foods that heal the gut. I was way less informed before about nutritious food, healthy options, and all that is out there for you to feel better by combining mindset, exercises, breathing techniques and eating healthy.
After working with Stef, ​I’m way much more knowledgeable and conscious about the food and how to combine them. I know what are some combinations that make my stomach bloat and not well. I learned how to breath and appreciate the discipline when really wanting to be healthy. I thought it would be harder not having coffee and alcohol AT ALL and it wasn’t that difficult after all the work and effort you put into the program.
I won’t forget one morning that I felt so gooood after doing the DeROSE method, oils and the program, and how determined I was in my vacations to Miami to eat the right food!.
Investment? Definitely it’s worth it! I wish I was more disciplined with exercising and I would have seen bigger results! I was probably worried about the weight loss but I think what I appreciated the most was what I learned and how I discovered amazing recipes and that really
feels good and are tasty :).
I will definitely keep implementing my affirmations and mindfulness eating. I plan to eat healthy and enjoy my not so healthy meals, knowing already what is good or bad when choosing my
THANK YOU so much! I can’t believe I did IT !
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Priscilla Arias

Before, I felt like a failure, I was extremely hard on myself to the point of actually blocking myself from a healthier and more positive life. I felt down because of how I looked. I was experiencing severe acne, bloating/heaviness, low self-esteem and bad morning eating habits. When I was going through my PMS symptoms I would just give up and give in to any cravings.
But after working with Estefania, my acne has improved a lot and I have lost a lot of weight. My mind and body are in perfect balance. Each day, I automatically and successfully get healthier and healthier. What made it different was her motivation and constant presence in my journey.
Now, I am grateful for my beautiful life that is filled with many blessings. I move through with consciousness, grace, and love.
So, if you have the time and commitment to dedicate to yourself, then work with Estefania because she will motivate you and you will learn different modalities to help you in your journey from Chinese medicine to ayurvedic medicine. As for me, I will remember how a structured schedule is good for me and how good I feel after I meditate and write in my grateful journal 😉

Sophia Torres

Two years ago, I knew I had IBS. I just never got diagnosed. I started to really feel sick, depressed, very bloated, and upset with myself, thinking that I was doing things the right way – being healthy, being active, but my gut wasn’t reacting the right way. It was really tough!
With Stef, I felt like it could help me with the way I eat. And it has! But it has helped me so much than that: I felt really happy, and not so down and depressed anymore.
Before, it was always in my mind that if I eat something, I’m going to get an episode like what’s going to happen next? What’s going to happen tomorrow? How am I going to feel in the morning? How am I going to feel that night?
But now, no more guessing! It’s been a rough journey but I feel a lot better from the last two months now I have incorporated all the information in my diet, and in my lifestlyle.
I know that this condition doesn’t go away, so my goal is to keep going with my program. There are lots of fun recipes on there, they are really good and they make me feel better. After clearing my gut, I had my normal bowel movements. I feel normal now. It’s still going to be a journey but this program did make it a lot easier to heal my gut through simple food and whole foods. It’s just a lifestyle change and I’m really grateful!
Having the accountability with Stef, was really worth it! It was really challenging and in tough times it was easier with her throughout by my side and with determination to feel better. And yes, at the end of the tunnel, it was bright! The program really worked for me and I hope many people are open to it.
Thank you Stef! I’m glad I got to share my story and help other people get better.

Vanessa Martinuzzi

I am so happy and excited for what I have accomplished. I am grateful I made the decision to do this protocol, I have learned so much about lifestyle and what works for my body. I am so thankful for the moment I met Stef and for allowing me to be a part of this.
Before this program, I was experiencing constipation, my bathroom routine was probably 1-2 a week. I had gasses daily after every single meal. I had also gained about 7-10kgs in a year. I also had a lot of frustrating feelings about everyday situations, and always felt anxiety.
After the program, I love my body weight! Also, the internal results were that the anxiety has lowered and I don’t suffer from gasses anymore. My daily routine exercises and food is something that works very well for me and I have managed to adopt.
What makes it different is that the support of Stef is at your fingertips for when the frustration hits – writing the foods helps you acknowledge what you’re feeding your temple, weighting yourself every Saturday so you slowly see your progress. So, I could tell ladies who are on the fence of working with Stef, Do it!!! Like there are no other words I would not be able to explain every single reason why to do it. I would need like an hour, so I would just say “See my before and my after and see how I smile and read my letter to myself and yes, this is why you should do it!”
It was truly a pleasure to work with you Stef!!

Leticia Lot

Before I started working with Stef, I had tried everything, every single diet out there. I was about 30 lbs over my ideal weight, feeling bloated and gassy everyday. I had really bad mood swings and was emotionally unstable.
More than giving me knowledge about my body type and metabolism, Stef tailored my meal plan and exercise routine. She gave me access to informative videos about gluten, dairy, sugar, digestive system and important herbs and supplements. She helped me understand my anxiety and cravings and take control of my mind and mood swings. I lost 20 lbs already and my weight keeps going down, little by little. I feel lighter, happier and more confident. I make conscious decisions now when it comes to eating and I don’t have bloating and gas problems anymore.
Stef’s program isn’t a diet. It is an opportunity to start a new lifestyle. She gives you knowledge and teaches you how to make the right choices when it comes to your own body. I chose to live happier, healthier and in control of my own body and mind and I hope you have the chance to do the same.
Stef is more than a health coach, she is a friend. She works by your side and is always there for whatever you need, even if it isn’t directly related to food. Your plan will be designed to suit your gut issues and also the goals you want to achieve. She will be there to pull your ear when you fall off the wagon, but she will also be there to celebrate and cheer for you on your accomplishments. She is a wonderful person with a loving and giving heart, she truly wishes the best for us and by dedicating her time and working with us she is making those genuine wishes come true.
Thank you Stef, I am a better me because of you <3

Elena Caicedo

Before I started working with Stef I was experiencing bloating, I was always tired, I didn’t like to cook because it was always the same thing.
The best result from this experience was that It opened my eyes to a whole new world in understanding my body and how to take care of it (emotionally and physically)! Also, I have a 4-month-old baby and I am still breastfeeding so Stef was flexible and made accommodations to my personal situation and I could say that I know that my baby has benefited a lot from this experience since I understood how to eat in a healthier way.
This experience was different, because now I have tools to take care of my health and my families health and my daughters will grow up in a healthier environment. If you are thinking about working with Stef – Give it a try!! it is worth it. It changed my life in a lot of different ways. For instance, now every time that I am in a situation when there is food that I KNOW is not good for my body, I prefer to wait to get home so that I can cook for myself and I enjoy doing it 🙂
I like to take care of my body, I don’t feel bloated anymore and I feel lighter with more energy to take care of my girls 🙂 Elena Caicedo

Adriana Meignene

I had been living with gut issues throughout all of my life, for a long-time doctors recommended less stress to minimize the symptoms. Two years ago, I had an IBS crisis, just after my second child was born. I spent months in pain, with inflammation, discomfort, etc. I lost more than 15 pounds, I quit a lot of food but without understanding the reasons why, I was just trying to feel relieved. The situation improved for a couple of months but after that I began to feel less focused, with no energy and more stress.
This program changed my lifestyle completely! I learned what is good for my gut and for my body, in different ways: we worked with my body and my mind. I discovered that I can feel awesome, energetic and I don’t need to worry about what to eat each time I sit on a table. I started running again and I now love my workouts! I understood how to trick my mind and to not let it sabotage me. I found the willpower and perseverance to accomplish my objectives!!
I also found a wonderful group of women who did the program with me. We supported each other and made the process easier. However, although I did the program in a group setting, I loved the fact that it was customized for me! The first week was a week to discover myself, after that Stef created a customized plan, giving me the confidence and trust on what I was doing and putting all my efforts to reach my goals.
In Stef’s company, I found the push and motivation to be consistent in my daily routine and established a new lifestyle. It is amazing to feel that she understands your situation because of her experience with what I am dealing with. She always was close, every day, anytime. In fact, even though I finished the program, she is still close to me, even if we do not speak often; I know she will be always close.

Andrea Iaroc

I was experiencing bloating, sugar cravings, low energy before working with Stef. These problems were caused mainly by gluten and dairy unknown sensitivities. The best result I received from this program was to get an understanding of what foods hurt my digestive system and how. Establishing a routine and learning to use breathing exercises for overall health. What was different from this experience was that It is not a ‘quick-fix’ diet or a temporary program. It is a tool to be used for the future. I know now that after removing offenders like gluten, dairy, caffeine, sugar and alcohol, their reintroduction proves hurtful in worse ways than before. I was tired of having my days ruined by eating the wrong thing and getting a debilitating stomach ache in the middle of my day. so if you are on the fence about working with Stef – What do you have to lose? For a limited time you will get a tool that you can use for life in different circumstances. Might as well invest in it now!

Andrea Iaroc

Interview with Ju

“In my picture before the program, I was not feeling myself, I was overweight, I felt so bloated, my digestion was not so good, I had all skin breakout, I was not just feeling myself. When I look in the mirror, I was just like, “this is not me”. I want to improve my health.
Working with Stef, I got a lot of energy even after being so tired from work. It feels so good! Stef gave me all the support. It is hard. Sometimes I missed it, sometimes I have cravings. But when you start to realize how you feel when you don’t need it and you compare when you need it, it’s just…you feel so good and you don’t want to go back. I really follow the program and really the big thing for me was to realize what was the good food to eat and not, and I would feel the difference right away.
After the program, it was great because I can feel again my clothes! And when I look in the mirror, I said, “this was me”, like I always see myself like then. I feel comfortable even putting a bikini on. It was great!
I want to thank Stef for her dedication and I want to inspire people if I can. I can do anything to help. It worked for me and I hope it can work for other people too.”
– Ju

Before & After


I’ve been quite conscious about my eating habits for a while. However, as much as I tried on my own to stick to healthy eating and working out, I needed some structure and motivation so I could manage my biggest struggles; processed carbs (pizza), tortillas, bread… With Stef and Little by Little I’ve found what I was missing. I’ve incorporated to my daily routine things I hadn’t even think about. I’m excited about cooking delicious healthy food and challenging myself at the gym, and since I started I’ve had a couple of people tell me my skin is glowing! I feel amazing inside and out. I’m so glad I have Healthy Little by Little and Stef for support, motivation, and guidance.

Natalia Casas

My experience with Stef so far it’s been amazingly horrible.
Yes, you read correctly. She challenges me every day, and because I can’t tell her the BS I tell myself, I have to confront my truths.
So yes, it’s been horrible to face my fears head on but at the same time it’s an intense learning experience that’s making me feel better about myself. The road ahead is long but I feel I have made so much progress, I don’t wanna go back to my old habits.

Chantal Arisohn

I have known Stef for years. I have seen her passion for nutrition, well-being, and helping others, and I was thrilled when I heard that she was going to put her experience and education to good use! Then, Stef called with a proposition: she would introduce me to a Little By Little’s well-being plan for two months, to try it out.
Now let me tell you a little bit about myself. I love food. I enjoy the many combinations, flavors and cuisines that I have always had access to. This is why the word “diet,” makes me cringe. I am a foodie, an unpaid, non-commissioned, unsolicited “food critic,” and a New Yorker. Talk about challenges! I had to think about it; let’s face it, I was scared about changing my ways. Why did I have to care, though? On one hand, because I’ve had digestive issues since I was a little girl, and also (here comes the vanity!) at that point I was 6 months away from my wedding. After giving it plenty of thought. I said “why not?”Little did I know that this would turn out to be the best thing that I have done for my body in a very, very long time.
Little by Little has helped me understand many things in these two months about well-being. First, what is truly good for my unique body type (and I mean really good!). Second, the food that is good for me can also be delicious (trust me, it can!) From the beginning I noticed a big difference in my body: no more bloated stomach, shinier and stronger hair, and a nicer figure. I now gravitate to dishes that are truly nourishing, and that I would have not chosen in the past. Now let’s talk about how I feel. I feel lighter, and on the path of becoming a stronger “me.” I have my own challenges and goals (i.e: getting out of bed one hour earlier to exercise); yet through these, Stef & Little by Little have held, and continue to hold, my hand every step of the way.
This consciousness with food and exercise, and the mind-body connection are essential in fulfilling my potential, and I keep working on it every day, understanding and learning more and more as we go. My wish is that you will give it a try. Let Little by Little provide you with the roadmap to this wonderful adventure of being the best “you” that you can be. Because, as the great Dr. Seuss would say: “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”
Love always,