Hi Love –

I’m Stef, Your Holistic practitioner, digestive expert, and Number 1 Fan!

I am passionate about working with motivated and busy women that live their lives on-the-go, ready to take control of their gut health, and ready to feel lighter, confident and happy in their own skins; ready just like YOU!

Are you on the right track to healing your Gut with Food? Let’s talk and find out.

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Discover yourself


Make an everlasting change


Feel happy in your own skin

Start on the path to a healthier, confident you,
even if it feels that you are stating from scratch again.

Do not give up on yourself.

I know what type of woman you are because we are alike.

You are busy, passionate about your career and your family. You want to do it all and feel confident while doing it. You want to achieve big things while feeling in control of your health. You are tired of quick weight loss or fad diets and are ready to use food as medicine.
But you need the right guidance and accountability to make it happen. There is so much information out there and you do not know where to start. At the end of the day and we can’t do it by ourselves.

Okay lady, you have totally whispered this to yourself before:

  • Why am I feeling bloated every time I eat?
  • How can I naturally increase my level of energy?
  • Is there a sustainable way to lose weight?
  • I’m addicted to sugar and I’m not sure how to stop it
  • How can I improve the appearance of my skin with food?
  • I’m confused and don’t know where to start


Don’t worry you are not alone –
I know exactly where you are coming from!

I know it feels like nobody cares about how you are feeling, not even doctors. It feels you don’t have anybody to turn to. But deep inside you, you know there is another option, a better way. yes, you can totally continue playing trial and error. or you can learn from my mistakes.

  • I have learned invaluable lessons from curing myself from digestive issues – chronic constipation fatigue acid reflux and others
  • Mastered the art of connecting with my body what is good for it
  • Helped other women stay motivated and on their way to achieve their goals
  • Been mentored by some of the more recognized holistic practitioners
  • All while having a hectic professional life on the side!

…And I’m here to report that there’s no confusion anymore
when it comes to healing my gut with food

What this IS and
what this is NOT!

  • It is not about giving up all on your life to heal your gut
  • It is not about one type diet of unflavored raw vegetables all day long
  • Its about truly connecting to what is good for you!
  • It is about loving and putting yourself first without guilt!
Thanks to Estefania I have a better grasp of how much sugar drives my diet (a lot!) I knew it felt addictive, I knew that breads and pastas made me feel bloated and lowered my energy, but the idea is not as vague anymore
My skin and hair look so much better this week. Didn’t get any pimples and my hair looks normal and not oily anymore 😀
– Talita S.

This is your chance, you sexy, strong, and powerful thing!

You can be free of food addictions, tiredness, constipation and feelings that you are not doing enough to take control of your health. You can connect to yourself and discover what works for you. You can be #passionate busy lady that is confident in her own skin and ideal weight!

And I’d love to show you
how to get there. Let’s do it!